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Major Development For Fly-Tipping Cases In Liverpool

By 27 February 2023No Comments

Fly-tipped waste to be considered crime scenes in Liverpool.

Liverpool Council has announced that they are cracking down on fly-tippers by considering sites of dumped waste as crime scenes throughout the city. They have listed the 10 most common fly-tipping spots in the area and decided to declare them as environmental crime scenes instead of collecting and disposing of the waste sensibly.

Their aim is to prevent further fly-tipping by dressing the sites in crime scene tape to remind the culprits that it is against the law to dispose of waste in this manner. In 2021, Liverpool Council spent nearly £1 million on removing illegally disposed waste. A new campaign has been announced to Keep Liverpool Tidy. As part of this campaign, the council planned to shame fly-tippers over social media using footage from CCTV cameras that caught them red-handed.

They hope that this approach will mean all residents know that they are being monitored and will be held accountable for any illegal waste disposal. So far it has generated extensive coverage over social media, including over 1 million views.

Joanne Anderson, Mayor of Liverpool, has stated: “We’re serious about tackling fly-tipping here in Liverpool and that’s why we have launched our new campaign to ensure we are making our neighbourhoods cleaner.”

She also stated that anyone handling your waste should hold appropriate waste disposal licenses. Failure to check this can land you with a £400 fine, or in some cases legal action.

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