Why Are There Restrictions?

Skips can save you time and money if you have any leftover waste that needs disposing of. Hire a skip so you can get rid of all garden and household waste without having to take all those trips to and from the disposal center. However, some items can not be put into a skip to keep everyone involved in the waste management industry safe. This guide should make you aware of what items these are before choosing to hire.

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What are the Restrictions?

All Individual companies have their own set of guidelines, so if there is any uncertainty, it’s always best to contact your local company. There can even be legal action taken if these restrictions aren’t followed. Listed below are the items that can’t go into your skip.

Upholstered Furniture (POPs)

POPs aka Persistent Organic Pollutants are items of furniture such as sofas, footstools, and armchairs that contain chemicals that don’t break down. This can cause serious harm to the environment and the health of all humans and animals. Due to this, new legislation was introduced to ensure the proper disposal of any items like this. They have to be processed, stored, and destroyed in a certain manner by an experienced facility. We can help with the disposal of these items but we will add POP charges to your order, please contact us first to avoid extra fees.

Electrical appliances

Electrical Equipment and Appliances

The simple rule is that items that can be hazardous or cause harm should not be placed into a skip. This is why electrical appliances and equipment are strictly forbidden. This includes kitchen appliances and any such equipment that needs power through batteries, a charger, or a plug. 

You should take these items to the disposal location that specialises in disposing of electrical goods. Here you’ll find the electric recycling point nearest to you.

Restricted Mattress


We are more than happy to dispose of your mattress responsibly via your skip for an added cost of £45-50 + VAT per mattress. If you wish to do this you must tell us before placing the mattress in your skip.

Restricted Plasterboard


Due to the fact that plasterboard can be very hazardous if it comes into contact with water and other waste items that may be present in a general mixed waste skip, we don’t exactly accept this. We will take 1 or 2 bin bags worth, placed on top of the skip in those bin bags, but that is all that is acceptable. If you need to dispose of more, we can be contacted to discuss a plasterboard-only skip. If we discover plasterboard has been placed in the skip unwrapped, then there can be a charge of up to 50% of what the skip was originally hired for.

Stack of old gas cylinders for recycling

Gas Cylinders

Gas Cylinders are never truly empty and always require being taken to a center, specialising in this item, so it can be disposed of. Although they are strictly forbidden to be put in a skip, if you contact the manufacturer of the cylinder, they will tell you where and how to dispose of your gas cylinders.

Old asbestos requiring disposal


This is one of the most dangerous materials and if exposed to it without protection, the chance of lung disease and cancer increases. If you come across any asbestos contact a specialist to remove it safely.

Restricted Glass


When it comes to glass, we can take a few picture frames here and there but we can’t expect large panels of glass, or just large quantities of it in general. This is due to the risk that large amounts of broken glass hold. As it has to be separated as well we can’t delay the separation process by overloading the skip operators with large quantities of glass. You can call us to discuss glass only skips.

pile of used tyres for disposal

Tyres & Other Items

With tyres and other such rubber items, we can sometimes assist with your disposal of them at an added cost. If you happen to possess an item that is not on the list but you are unsure whether or not it is safe to be disposed of in a skip, then contacting the local council is the best next step. Individual skip companies will have their certain restrictions, and will be able to help you understand what they accept and what they don’t.

Used paint tins, fuels and solvents.

Fuels, Paint, and Solvents

These are big, obvious no’s when it comes to wondering if these can be put in a skip. They can cause harm and are combustible, meaning they need to be disposed of in a proper manner. These items must be taken to a licensed disposal center as they can cause lots of injuries such as chemical burns. 

Medical waste, used syringes and medicine bottles

Medical Waste

This includes bodily fluids, needles (used or unused), and any other medical equipment. There are guidelines that need to be followed to ensure the safe disposal of medical waste. It is vital for us to protect all skip workers and anyone who comes into contact with our skips so no injury or infection is caused. If you’d like any more information, see the Department of Health.

pile of used batteries


Batteries contain substances that can be very harmful like lead and that is why they can’t simply be placed in a skip. They are consequences for individuals that have to dispose of them if they leak. Batteries cannot be disposed of by landfill until properly cleaned, so it is beneficial for all involved to take them to their appropriate location. There are lots of battery bins located in places such as supermarkets, garages, and petrol stations. It does not matter about the size of the battery whether it’s AAA or a car battery, it cannot be put in the skip.

Ready to Hire a Skip?

Even with a few restrictions, hiring a skip is still the most useful and convenient way to dispose of waste. They save you lots of extra time and effort when trying to renovate the house or garden. They can also prevent injury as it rids of extra waste lying around the house. 

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